On September 28, 2019 I was invited to perform and share my story to an audienceShyan Selah performing at WEA's Educators of Color Conference full of motivated education pros at the EDUCATORS OF COLOR CONFERENCE in Edmonds, Washington. This event was produced by The Washington Education Association and is designed to highlight and push forth the importance of cultural diversity.  I was eager to get on the mic that day as it was the perfect audience for Cafe Noir Project material and I’ve always connected well with adults in the education space even though I’m usually doing so via motivating their students. It was nice to just have them alone and take the content a little deeper.

After performing the set I was reminded of how important it is that our teachers stay connected to the arts by engaging directly in the vibe and culture presented by artists such as myself. I was approached by many of our educators who told me that beyond how much they enjoyed it and that there is a great need for what I do.  I want them all to know that the passion for this work has carried me through creating these pathways for years, and I’m ready to expand more and take it new levels.