Shyan Selah at UW Costco Diversity Scholarship 20th Anniversary EventOn September 26, 2019 I was invited back to the University of Washington campus to perform for attendees at UW’s Costco Diversity Scholarship 20th Anniversary Alumni Celebration.

My previous experiences at UW where in conjunction with the Pan Hellenic Council for certain events, Step Shows, Black Student Union events etc., and it had been awhile since I’d been there so I was definitely ready to get this show going.

As the guests arrived they were greeted by the soulful sounds of Shyan Selah; his presence created a buzz and evoked a sense of excitement for this very special celebration.”  – Lolie Farinas (Associate Director for Scholar & Donor Relations – University of Washington)

To add to the excitement, my partner Candice Richardson who was a member of the first class of Costco Scholars was hosting the event.

Candice Richardson hosting 20th Anniversary for Costco Scholarship Alumni

The event was top notch and featured appearances by Costco founder Jim Sinegal, Susan Brotman in honor of founder of Jeff Brotman, Costco Chairman, Craig Jelinek, UW President Ana Mari Cauce, and former and current scholarship earners and general supporters.

I got into my groove and serenaded the attendees with a combo of soulful rhymes, bluesy hooks. This event gave me great perspective on just how deep you got to be committed to truly providing opportunity. It takes a village and the Costco Diversity Scholarship program is definitely that. They have my utmost respect for doing a tremendous job in putting youth in a position to win in life.