Artist, Entrepreneur, and Activist, Shyan Selah has officially released LIFE: The Shyan Selah Podcast – a brand new series that Life the Shyan Selah Podcasttakes a deep and provocative look into the people, events, projects, and accomplishments that make up Shyan’s life journey in the sports, entertainment, fashion, and political worlds. No stranger to having to power through tough times and career set-backs, Shyan has developed a unique and resilient brand. If there was ever a behind the scene story the world should know about, it may very well be that of Shyan Selah.

“The podcast for me is second nature,” Shyan says. “Be it artistry or business of whatever sort, it’s all about expression and how you go about communicating a message. Personally, I’ve had to effectively converse, negotiate, present, debate and perform in front of people on a daily basis for my entire career. Right or wrong it was always most important to me to deliver that message from the core of my beliefs. My soul is my compass so I’m no stranger to doing what I feel is best, especially for my family and my community. This show is going to bring that intimate and fiery element of my life from behind the scenes to the forefront and feature the unfiltered truth of my journey and all the many influencers and partners in my network that span from politics, business, education, sports, music, tech and so much more. From the accomplishments to the heartbreaks, I’ve been through things that will blow your mind.”

Episode 1 of LIFE features Washington State Representative Jesse Johnson right on the heels of the riot on the nation’s Capitol. Rep. Johnson who hails from the same hometown as Shyan sat down to discuss his journey into politics as young black man. The two also talk racism and the violence that led to the deaths of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, the state of black culture and the family today, what makes LeBron James great, and even touched on UFO’s with the news that the new COVID Relief bill includes plans to disclose unidentified flying objects around our nation’s airbases. Most importantly they engaged in conversation dealing around generating true equity in the Black community.

“I want this show to serve as a platform for advocacy for young artists and entrepreneurs, especially young black artists and entrepreneurs whose voices have been left out of conversations in politics, banking, start-up investment culture, and overall black economic development,” says Shyan.

Check out the first episode of LIFE: The Shyan Selah Podcast below and click here for the podcast page for more episodes.