1. Soul Myousic Shyan Selah 1:12
  2. Carpe Diem Shyan Selah 1:22
  3. Hustla Shyan Selah 1:12
  4. Hollywood Blvd Shyan Selah 1:26
  5. Summer We Fell in Luv Shyan Selah 1:35
  6. Concrete City Shyan Selah 1:20
  7. Do it Momma (Kiss the Sky) MP3 Shyan Selah 1:17
  8. Hotta Shyan Selah 1:16
  9. Luv Me or Leave Me Alone Shyan Selah 1:25
  10. F*** U Pay Me Shyan Selah 1:33
  11. Oh My Godd Shyan Selah 1:25
  12. My Musik Shyan Selah 1:20
  13. Six Six Six Shyan Selah 1:20
  14. Street Salvation (Save Me) Shyan Selah 1:44

The Story

An incredible mixture of hard hitting hip hop beats, classic R&B and soul, with more than a hint of funk and rock, Brave New World, the album is destined to revolutionize hip hop music. Containing an old school foundation with enough of the now and whole lot more of the future, Brave New World takes a hold of the listener and hurtles them through a journey of passion, pain, sex, love, ambition and revelation. Based on the label’s mantra, Be Brave, the album reflects Shyan’s talent for introducing the most unexpected content over amazingly unique and soulful tracks. Heavily influenced by the purest of music, when one listens to songs from Brave New World such as “Oh My Godd,” “My Musik,” or “The Summer We Fell in Luv” they hear the vocal and instrumental essence of Jimi Hendrix, Led Zepplin, Marvin Gaye and Prince. Likewise, the rap essence of Nas, Kanye West, Lauryn Hill, and Jay Z can be felt and heard on “Soul Myousic,” “I’m a Hustla,” and “Carpe Diem.” 

Brave New World, The Album brings the best of Shyan Selah all the way around: the MC and the vocalist, the hustler and the activist. Through his talent, voice and message this is not just an album. It is an introduction to an altogether new kind of star, completely new and unique music, and a new way of life.

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Brave New World

Title : Brave New World
Release Date : September 8, 2008
Format : Digital Download