Brave New World is proud to partner with One Shot Films to bring LIFE: The Shyan Selah Show to global streaming audiences via Fox Soul and Tubi platforms.

Launched in 2021, LIFE is a composite of conversation and content taken directly from the world of its creator and host, International Recording Artist and Creative Entrepreneur, Shyan Selah. 

The show highlights Shyan’s personal network of creatives, activists, and business leaders’ real-life scenarios and picks up insights and lessons that can enrich listeners in various ways. A unique series, LIFE has a lineup of value-filled conversations with many leaders in politics, sports, music, education, film, fashion and more – the majority of which are of color and present varied view points from a black culture perspective.

According One Shot Films President/CEO Curtis Elerson, LIFE’s dedication to adding something fresh, insightful, as well as entertaining, to the current culture, as well as its high quality production, made it a shoe-in for distribution to the leading free premium, on demand video steaming platform Tubi, which boasts the largest free streaming content library with over 40,000 movies and television shows; and Fox Soul, the new live and interactive streaming channel with programs that aim to celebrate black culture and deal with real topics that impact the everyday lives of the black community.

“When I saw and heard “LIFE” the podcast show it hit me that this needs to be seen all over the world because of the realness that is being talked about on this show,” says Elerson. “When Shyan and I talked I was excited that he wanted and trusted me to be able to put his show on a big enough platform for everyone to hear and see what’s really going on in the world today as black people see it, and together we decided that both Tubi and Fox Soul were the right homes for “LIFE.”

“This is an act of cultural passion,” says Shyan Selah. “An outreach style of taking my real life relationships, my real life endeavors and real life issues and moving them through conversation. This is a groundbreaking deal that provides a deeper platform to build community in a provocative way. I’m thankful for my partners at One Shot Films, Tribeca and Tubi for seeing this vision.”

LIFE: The Shyan Show will air on Tubi this fall.