Fever Magazine Editor in Chief Darrell Green and Shyan SelahWednesday, January 22, 2020 – Seattle, Wash. Fever Magazine names International Recording Artist and Creative
Entrepreneur Shyan Selah as a Strategic Creative Partner. The move comes as the lifestyle publication continues to expand its reach worldwide in 2020 via both print and online with Fevermag.com, Fever TV, and an accompanying mobile app.

Already distributed in every major city in the U.S., as well as international distribution points in Africa, Canada, and the UK, the Seattle-based quarterly is a hit amongst social media influencers and will be producing video segments from its top stories and major interviews as part of growing its new media content. 

In addition to assisting Fever Magazine as a Strategic Business Partner, Selah will also bring new featured content to the publication’s print and online formats that reflect his uniquely provocative and socially disruptive artistic lens in the form of in-depth interviews relative to the lifestyle and culture of the entertainment industry. 

“Shyan and I have known each other for awhile now,” says Fever Magazine Founder/Editor-in-Chief Darrell Green. “I’ve seen him working for years and have always appreciated the work he’s done in his career. We both have a mutual respect for each other’s business ethic and we’ve discussed how we can each bring more positive messaging to the people utilizing this platform while building greater awareness to the brand. Our platform is as fun and entertaining as any other; however we tend to stay away from gossip and instead focus on charitable, philanthropic, and game changing news from people throughout the industry.”

“This move was second nature for me,” says Selah. “Fever Magazine is constructed as a high-end physical publication that has a powerful, digital reflection of itself; both of which when combined create the perfect landscape for someone with my skillsets. I’ve always appreciated Darrell’s sense and taste for developing a quality product, the importance of producing and telling stories, and the raw power of photography.” 

To learn more about Fever Magazine, visit fevermag.com.